SKIF Ireland Squad Training

For any questions relating to Squad Training or Upcoming Competitions and Training Seminars contact the SKIF Ireland Coaches using the details below.

Please note that there is an attendance system in place and this system is used in the selection process.  Please ensure you attend regular squad trainings to maintain a high percentage of attendance to ensure you are elligible for selection.  If you cannot make it to squad training please contact your coach using the details below.

Ref: SKIF IRELAND National Coaches Appointments

On behalf of S.K.I.F. Ireland,

I would like to congratulate the following people in their successful applications for national coaching positions:

Sensei Martin O’Keeffe - National Senior Kata Coach
Sensei Gary Daly - National Senior Kumite Coach.
Sensei Garrett O’Donovan - National Junior Coach.

All of the above went through a full interview process and were elected to these positions by the committee. We will look forward to a positive and bright future for SKIF Ireland and hope to utilise the huge knowledge base of all three coaches. All three are well respected and experienced karate-ka with an impressive track record both domestically and internationally.

I am sure this experience, linked to their passion and pride for the tricolour, will progress Ireland in all arenas!

Kevin Sullivan (ケビン·サリバン)

SKIF Ireland Coaches

Sensei Martin O Keeffe Senior Kata Coach 0831398179
Sensei Gary Daly Senior Kumite Coach 0872184644
Sensei Garrett O Donovan Junior Coach 0863323560


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