Transitioning from Junior to Senior in Squads

Dear Sensei,
Please be advised that all 16 year olds who want to attend squad training and be eligible for junior squad selection MUST train with the junior squad but can avail of extra training with the senior squad, if they wish.
At 17 years of age candidates MUST move into the senior squad but can still avail of additional training with the junior squad, if they wish.
No later than 12 months before the European or World Championships all those eligible to compete in the 18 years and over categories, must be training full time with the senior squad. However they can still avail of extra training with the junior squad if they wish.  Ages at World and European championships are determined by what age you will be on 31st December of that competition year.   (ie.  If you turn 18 on 31st of December and the championships is on the 1st of July the same year then for the championships you are 18 years old.) 
Point of clarification;
In the interim period (17yrs to 18yrs), there may be an instance where a 17 year old who is training with the senior squad wishes to be eligible for a particular competition, e.g. as 17 yr olds they would still be competing as juniors in this competition, despite having transitioned to the senior squad. In this instance, to be eligible for selection as juniors, they MUST have been also training with the junior squad (to the junior coach’s satisfaction). The junior coach makes all junior selections for competition, irrespective of whether a Karate ka has transitioned or not.
Yours in Karate Do,
Adrian Cotter 
Secretary SKIF Ireland 🇮🇪 
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