Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation Ireland

2023 Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa Memorial Seminar

2023 Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa Memorial Seminar

The Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa Memorial Seminar is an exciting event that celebrates the legacy of one of the greatest martial artists ever. Hosted by Mitchelstown Karate Club, this seminar is an excellent opportunity for karate enthusiasts to come together and pay tribute to Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa's incredible impact on the martial arts world.

The seminar will be led by SKIF Ireland Chief Instructor Kyoshi Ray Payne 7th Dan, who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Shotokan Karate. Participants can expect to gain valuable insights into developing their skills and techniques, meeting other enthusiasts and building a supportive community.

The event is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners and will be a memorable experience for all who attend. We encourage everyone to join us at the Mitchelstown Leisure Centre on the 2nd of April 2023 and be part of this exciting celebration of the art of Shotokan Karate.

If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch with Sensei Eddie O'Donnell directly at ‭+353 (86) 240 9517‬.